set straight by a goy

The history of Judaism is that of a people – or a sect – at permanent war against the rest of humanity. At all times and in all places, Jews have given rise to anti-Semitism. The script always unfolds in the same way: after the violence and settling of scores, the goyim (non-Jews) legislate to try to curb the phenomenon and eventually expel the undesirables. But inevitably, after a certain period of time, the undesirables manage to re-enter the square, corrupt the kings and lords, and resume their trafficking and intrigues, without having learned anything from their past mistakes. This history has been repeating itself for nearly three thousand years.

The Jews, for their part, are constantly trying to give the whole world the image of a community persecuted for no reason. From the departure from Egypt to Auschwitz, from the destruction of the Temple to the pogroms of the Cossacks, from the massacres committed by the Crusaders to the bonfires of the Inquisition, their history is indeed a succession of dramas. To explain this phenomenon, Jewish intellectuals come up with all sorts of theories, more or less convoluted, and end up claiming that the history of the Jewish “people” is a “mystery”, an extraordinary “enigma”, a fabulous, even cosmic destiny. Most of the time they add or imply that they might be “God’s chosen people”. But when the matter is examined more closely, the problem is actually much simpler. In any case, after reading this book, we trust that no one will speak of “Judeo-Christian” civilisation any more.

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