The First World War emancipated the Jews of Russia. Turkey and Germany were greatly weakened and were further crippled by unjust debts placed on them through treacherous treaties. Jews in Eastern Europe were segregated and seemed ready for emigration to Palestine—though most did not wish to go. In 1916, France and Britain divided up the Mid-East amongst themselves in the Sykes-Picot Agreement. At the San Remo conference in 1920, the British granted themselves the right to rule of Palestine and the French granted themselves the right to rule Syria. The Jews pushed for the ratification of the Palestine Mandate in the League of Nations so that they could enforce their bogus interpretation of the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

The political Zionists remained a fanatical minority group among Jews, and though many Eastern European Jews would have been happy to have moved to Palestine, if it had meant a good job and a stable life, very few Western Jews desired to leave their comfortable homes and head for the desert. Most Jews knew that the political Zionists were totalitarian zealots, and dangerous terrorists. An article appeared in 1921, which, while naïve and inaccurate on some points, made several important arguments against the utterly selfish, undemocratic, totalitarian political Zionist movement, which are valid to this day. It was published in: The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 127, Number 2, (February, 1921), pp. 268-279 (note that the racist political Zionists dominated and censored the mass media at the time when they made the racist political Zionist Albert Einstein an international celebrity and censored his critics): Jewish prophecy had long held that Gentiles should soldier and slave for Israel. In other words, Israel is a leech on the Gentile nations, which has no right to exist, and which forever throws the world into turmoil.

It was very persuasive to argue to anyone ignorant of the facts that the Protocols were fictions on their face and that there were no Zionist or financial groups operating behind the scenes to influence governments and the outcome of wars, as Louis Marshall did argue—just as it was persuasive to argue to anyone ignorant of the facts that the charges of an Italian organized crime syndicate operating at the same time were fictions. Joe Valachi has since bolstered the allegations that these secret, or not so secret, societies exist and that their corrupt actions and intentions pose a real threat to humanity. In fact, the Italian mafia was overseen by the Jewish mafia.     Benjamin Harrison Freedman, a man with firsthand knowledge of Zionist and Communist inner circles, came forward with allegations that Zionists and Communists had corrupted the Government of the United States of America and were responsible for America’s involvement in World War I, and deliberately contributed to the tensions of post-World War I Germany.

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