Blood and Gold

By (author)Eustace Mullins


The history of the Council on Foreign Relations

Revolutions are not made by the middle class, but by the oligarchy at the top. In America, the Council on Foreign Relations is the policy-making group for Marxist groups in the United States, controlling subsidiary political organizations devoted to Marxist propaganda, including the Institute of Pacific Relations.


The Council on Foreign Relations was established in 1919 by the delegations to the Paris Peace Conference, with headquarters in New York and a sister organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in London. The Institute of Pacific Relations was set up exclusively for Far Eastern affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations was recently investigated by the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security, finding that it was a Communist-front organization devoted to the Marxist world revolution. The Institute was proven to be the main factor in the creation of the new society in America, a society planned by Marx and Lenin, where religion and political institutions had no place.

The Council on Foreign Relations, founded by internationalists and banking interests, has played a significant role in shaping US foreign policy since its inception in 1920. Its membership is dominated by internationalists, and it has maintained a tight control over the group’s activities and objectives. The Council has been successful in imposing a decree of silence on the members of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace in 1918 and has engaged in long-range propaganda projects to promote its version of political developments. With its unlimited funds and influential members, the Council on Foreign Relations remains a key player in the global political arena.


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