The Think Tank of the New World Order

In order to begin to understand world events, it is necessary for us to realize that the many tragic and explosive events of the 20th century did not just happen by themselves; but that they were planned according to a well laid out blueprint. Who were the planners and creators of significant events?

The creators of these often violent and revolutionary events belong in the main to secret societies that infest our world, just as they have always done. Mostly, these secret societies are based upon the occult and occult practices, but as with all secret societies to make up secret governments, they are controlled by the Committee of 300. Those poorly informed persons, who believe that devil worship, demons and witchcraft have vanished from modern society, are misinformed. Today, occult-based secret societies along with Luciferianism, Black Magic and Voodoo, are flourishing and appear to be far more widespread than was originally thought.

It is the tolerating of these secret societies in our midst, many of whose principals pose as Christians, added to our permissible attitude toward these organizations and their leaders who are the cause of our problems, national and international. Every unrest, revolution and war can inevitably be traced back to one or another or a combination of several secret societies.

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