Scarlet and the Beast I

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A history of the war between English and French Freemasonry

My research has revealed that there are two separate and opposing powers in Freemasonry. One, headquartered in London, subscribes to and promotes an idolatrous and pantheistic view of the world. It is monarchist, capitalistic, wealthy, right-wing. The other, in Paris, is atheistic and humanistic in origin and outlook. It is republican, socialist, poor, left-wing.


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One is Scarlet. The other, the Beast. The breakthrough theory which I have developed with Scripture as my guide makes sense of the massive literature I have collected on Freemasonry as well as its apparent contradictions. My library includes books written by members of and defectors from both English and French Freemasonry.

At the beginning of my research, like many other revisionist authors, I thought revisionist authors were reporting one single plot. I gradually realized that many authors were exposing what in reality were often the machinations of one group of conspirators against the other. The devices of both wings of Masonry were so similar that without Scripture as a guide, one could easily perceive only a single intrigue.

This interesting twist in the historical drama, confirmed again and again by my research, points to the existence of a struggle between the two powers in Freemasonry. Although revisionist authors are supposedly concerned about one plot, I noticed that all exposes pointed to Paris as the center of an intrigue before World War I. After the War, however, evidence points to the shift of intrigue to London.

I will explain this shift in the course of this book.


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