Inquire Within – The diptych


  • Light-bearers of Darkness
  • The trail of the Serpent


BEFORE proceeding with the results of our investigations and research into some of the more magical and dangerous of present-day cults and societies, the conclusions arrived at by a learned French occultist may be of interest, as supporting and adding to some of our points.

But first we would explain that occultism is the knowledge and use of the dual sex or hidden creative forces in all Nature, and the Jewish Cabala, based on these same secret laws, is one of the most learned and powerful systems for gaining control over Nature and over the mind and actions of man, bringing into play and perverting these forces in order to attain power and dominion. It is polarity and a subtle method of suggestion. The Revue Internationale des Sociétés Secrètes has for some time been investigating and exposing the age-old source and hidden power of these secret societies, hoping also to assist other investigators, and supply a choice of weapons to those who are already fighting step by step against contemporary Judaeo-Masonry. M. Henri de Guillebert, “a specialist of first order in these matters,” has taken a leading part in these investigations. We give a few extracts from his articles, “Studies in Occultism”:

“The importance of the part played by secret societies in religious, social, economic, and political evolution is generally denied… There is no trace in the history of peoples of any international attempt to determine the origin, the vicissitudes, the aim, the claims, the doctrine, and discipline of sects, considered no longer as isolated phenomena, but as a permanent organisation, thus monstrously and solidly formed of a multitude of separate parts. It is therefore to a certain extent a novelty to show the action of occultism upon people in its successive phases by establishing what secret societies are; how they are linked together in time and space; where they come from and whither they wish to lead men; who constitutes them, and who directs them… In our time occultism can no longer be other than a material and human reality, a problem to be solved by recognised methods of criticism, a work analysable by means of investigations, capable of unmasking secret societies as a whole. To observe, analyse, classify, and compare all sects is a purely scientific work…

Judaeo-Masonry. — This term can be used, making all reservations as to its correctness, to designate the organisation composed of Cabalistic Jews and secret societies, considered no longer as isolated phenomena in time and space, but as a whole, having a common doctrine and discipline, a common aim and methods… The method employed always consists of perversion of the traditions and institutions of Christianity, conforming them to the beliefs and organisations inspired by occultism… The destruction of the family, country, of authority, and of the Church is for occultism merely a means… The principle of the teaching minority is not only to keep the knowledge of the mysteries from the adept, but also to divide its teachings between twisting the mentality and perverting men in such a way as to destroy all obstacles to the establishment of its rule over the world, and to establish its tyranny over a land freed from all Church institutions. … The final aim is the enthronement of the so-called world king, placing universal authority, by means of subordinate dupes, into the hands of the Grand Masters — all Jews; the subjection of all peoples to these men, by monopolising social offices, the transformation of man into a domestic animal, the exploitation of the masses by the Jew, once the heads of Christian control have been suppressed.


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