Red Pandemic

By (author)Emmet Connor


The Global Marxist Cult

We can see that the world has been undergoing profound, extraordinary changes in recent times. We have also seen that these colossal changes are not merely circumstantial, or the result of some sort of organic societal evolution, or other factors beyond humanity’s control; but changes that have been encouraged and supported by certain motivated movements, organisations, and individuals.


In 2020 we saw the Covid Pandemic became a universally live-changing event; a situation that impacted virtually the population of the whole world. The Black Lives Matter protests and riots of the same year dominated the headlines in the Western world, creating repercussions in many countries, though most intensely (and predictably) in the U.S. We’ve seen the Climate alarmist movement gain even more momentum; we’ve been told that ‘going green’ is so crucial, that if it’s not achieved, will lead to inevitable global catastrophe unless immediate action is taken.

The cause of all those changes and problems listed is a global ideological infection called Marxism.

The main problem in your country is not the government or political class, the organs of the state, the police, the United Nations, the European Union, the multinational corporations, the ‘Elites’, capitalism, the bankers and the international banking system, the ‘bourgeoisie’, the NGOs/non-profits, George Soros, the main-stream Media, migrants, Muslims, Zionists, the Freemasons, Illuminati etc. etc. The core, root problem in your country (and most others) is that it has an infection of Marxism. You will struggle to find any problematic issue in the world today that is not connected to, influenced by, or originating from, this ideology. Throughout society and the world, the Marxist ‘red thread’ is there. This core problem in your country exists because the indigenous/normally resident people have (or have had historically) a suicidal lack of hostility towards this toxic, foreign ideology. This is the foundational problem, and all the other listed major problems we are experiencing right now stem from this one.

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