Conversations with John F. Kennedy

By (author)Eustace Mullins


During the spring of 1966, the vision of the late John F. Kennedy, the martyred President of the United States, appeared to me on three separate occasions, in three different places, and engaged me in lengthy disquisitions about the condition of man, the dangers apparent in his present estate, and what must be done to avert them.


I made it clear during these conversations that I was very dubious about the value of anything that I might be able to do, but John F. Kennedy assured me that for a number of reasons, which he explained, I was the likeliest person to proceed with this assignment.

I have lost none of the doubts which assailed me during these conversations. If anything, they have increased. First of all, I can offer no evidence to a mechanist or materialist society that the conversations took place. They must start or fall according to the information which they contain. There are no signed documents; there is no blurred photograph of an evanescent mist which I could claim to be the spirit of John F. Kennedy returning to his present mode of being. I cannot even say that I actually SAW John F. Kennedy during these conversations.

The physical, or rather, non-physical, circumstances of these encounters were quite simple. On each occasion, I was engulfed by a strange radiance in which the physical world disappeared, and I was serenely aware that I was in the Presence of John F. Kennedy. There was absolute peace, and I was under the impression that nothing ever had or ever could disturb us in these surroundings. It was as though one had attained a state of ultimate beauty, and had left behind forever all the cares of earth.


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